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We’re always looking for enthusiastic and energetic leaders for Dr. Waste franchises throughout Canada! We’ve built a name for ourselves as one of the leading residential waste removal companies in the Nation’s Capital, and we’re still growing. If you’re a natural people person and understand the value of exceptional service, then you’re going to love working with us!

Why Franchise?

No matter how you look at it, running a business is a big investment. Whether it’s a franchise or an independent business, it will change your life. All businesses present unique challenges, but when you purchase a franchise, you get access to a wealth of experience, support, and strategy that you’d otherwise be developing on your own.

Joining the 1-888 Dr. Waste family is a fantastic way to learn the ins and outs of business. Franchise opportunities let you flex your entrepreneurial muscles while enjoying the support and organization offered by a larger business. You get access to a recognized and reputable brand and get to take advantage of our unique business model immediately!

Simply put, we’re here to help you grow!

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